Latest Story: Paid In Full

My latest short story, “Paid In Full”, was published in the 16th issue of Fiyah magazine. This issue’s theme was joy and that is something everybody needs right now.

I wanted to play with not just what joy means to black people but how we often deny ourselves true joy and peace. Sometimes it feels like surrendering to happiness would overwhelm us. But we have to, need to step out into that scary state of being or else this world and it’s burdens may devour us.

You can buy the issue at the link below and I hope you enjoy all the stories inside!


The Royal Heretic’s Cover!!!!

The Royal Heretic cover

Look at this gorgeousness!!!!

Look at it!!!!


This incredible cover was done by the talented artist, Aaron Radney. He took my ideas and brought them to vivid life. Mannnnnn. I am over the moon to have such a great cover and can’t wait for you all to read this book in July.

You can find Aaron’s art at

The Royal Heretic: The Ega Empire

Welcome to the world of the Ega empire.

In my upcoming novel, The Royal Heretic (July 2020), I explore what happens when an empire falls. Specifically the Ega empire. Now, I’m going to give you a look at the major cultures of it and quite a few details that I worked out visually.

Ega Empire w border
The Ega empire consists of three major regions: the empire proper surrounding the capital of Metkara, the kingdom of Wiluru in the north, and the city of Nsongo and the surrounding cities. The empire slowly grew outward over the centuries from Metkara and now reaches from the northern ocean to the wide Bangi river to the south. Most conquered lands were allowed to keep their cultures but over time, most have become more and more Egan in their ways.

The mid empire is the original home of the Ega. It has a very Egyptian feel. My original thought was what if ancient Egypt happened when the Sahara was still grasslands. They are very proud of their culture and think themselves the height of civilization in the known world. This is what prompted one of their early leaders to expand the empire and begin the imperial dream of spreading their influence to the world.

The first place they conquered was the city of Djelebe, the city-state of warrior scholars. They were famed for their dedication to their studies as much as their training. Djeleban scholars gain prominence by mastering different subjects. While not warriors today, they are still respected for their quest for knowledge.

The second land conquered was the country of Wiluru. Located to the far north of the continent, it sits at the base of a sharp fall in the landscape. They are a people with a strong navy and it’s trade agreements were coveted by the Ega leader at the time. It’s cities are strongly fortified and the conquest took several decades. Eventually, the Wiluruans conceded but there was one stipulation: the royal family of Wiluru would give one of the princesses to be the second queen of the empire.

The empire turned it’s full attention to the south ages ago. The southern cities along the Bangi river were the source of gold for the entire area. The biggest city of Nsongo was known as the city of gold. While the Ega wanted to control the gold, the southerners were fierce and resisted the empire for centuries. Finally, after a long, ten year war, the leader of the southern coalition surrendered, ushering in a new age of a unified empire.

We’ll learn more about the individual areas in the coming weeks! Sketches included!

New Novel Announcement!!

Last year was a stretch of painful waiting for news to hit my inbox. Everyone who knows me personally, knows that I am horrible when it comes to waiting. But with the new year I gained some great news. I have a book coming out!!! My novel, The Royal Heretic, will be published with MV Media this July. I’ve been working on this idea for quite a while (my first notes are from 2013) and I’m so happy that everyone will finally get a chance to meet all of my characters, good and bad.

Here’s a quick summary:

Bakari is the netkoleh, ruler of the Ega empire and the living embodiment of the gods. When his eldest son and heir falls ill and dies, Bakari drowns in despair. He decides that the gods are nonexistent and bans the empire’s religion. He expects the people to rejoice at being “liberated” but talk of rebellion soon begins instead.

Bakari’s second queen, Izriamat, is sent north to deliver the news to her homeland, the conquered kingdom of Wiluru. Her father, the king, wants to bargain with the netkoleh but she and her siblings know the man can’t be reasoned with. Their religion was the last bit of dignity th Ega had left their people. To defy this decree will bring the wrath of the netkoleh down on their lands and hopefully the path to freedom.

Meanwhile, the south is grappling with their recent occupation. Ashaki, the Great Dara, must balance the needs of her people with the demands of the Ega. The increasing pressures may not only break her but her land as well. In the end, a rash decree by a distant ruler may be the least of her worries.

The bonds of family and fealty will be tested. The strength of nations’ faith will be strained. And the fate of the entire empire will rest in the hands of a few.

There’s a lot in the works in the months leading up to the release. I have so many notes and sketches to share with you all. It’s going to be a blast.
Until next time!

A Late Intro

Hello everyone! I should have done this sooner, but I’m Sarah A. Macklin a speculative fiction writer from South Carolina. I’m very new to having a “professional” website for my writing but I’m going to give it a go. Here you’ll be able to find news of my newest stories and what ever other good news may be in store for the future. I’m always working on new things so you’ll get to hear about the behind the scenes items too. Hope to see you around.

Latest Sale: Magician’s Trial


I’ve sold my latest short story to Fiyah Literary Magazine. Excuse me, the World Fantasy Award winning Fiyah Literary Magazine. My short, Magician’s Trial, is about a young magician as she takes her final test to become a sorceress and enter the world of an adult magic user. Every story in this issue is fantastic and I’m so honored to be included.

If you haven’t heard of Fiyah, you should definitely check it out and even pick up a subscription so they can continue bringing us more Black speculative fiction! I hope you enjoy the tales including mine.